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Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boat

Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boat

Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boat

Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boat

The possession of the Certificate this certificate at  shall be required for captains, officers and seamen or other crew members assigned to these tasks and rescuing acts. Mainly ships which are equipped with them.

Directed to the officers and sailors of decks and machines wich are assigned to these functions on ships equipped with fast rescue boats.

This course of Fast rescue boats and  helps to train students by enabling them to:

  • Handle fast rescue boats in different circumstances and weather conditions.

Pre-requisite experience:

Certificate of Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats.


24 hours

What’s included:

  • Construction and equipment of fast rescue boats.
  • Components of the equipment.
  • Specific features and  fast rescue boat installations.
  • Safety precautions during launching and recovery of a fast rescue boat.
  • Procedures for starting fast rescue boat.
  • Handling of a rescue boat in case of adverse weather conditions.
  • Navigation and safety equipment for a fast rescue boat.
  • Methods to start the engine of a fast rescue boat.
  • Practices with fast rescue boats.


Certificate of Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boat – STCW Reg VI/2, para 2 & Sec A-VI/2, para 7 – 10.


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