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Proficiency in Security Awareness Course

Proficiency in Security Awareness Course

    Proficiency in Security Awareness course

    In accordance to the revised STCW 2010 Code as of 1st January 2014 all seafarers must receive approved security awareness training with a Proficiency in Security Awareness course.

    The Proficiency in Security Awareness course will provide those on board ship who do not have designated security duties, the essential training, education, understanding and proficiency requirements set out in the STCW Code, covering the importance of ship security and the roles of those involved in its provision, the requirements and measures to maintain ship security and recognise and report a security threat.

    Pre-requisites or experience:



    8 hours (6 hours of theory and 2 hours of practice)

    What’s included:



    Certificate of Proficiency in Security Awareness – STCW Reg VI/6 para 1 & sec A-VI/6 para 4