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Follow these steps to renew your Yachtmaster

All Yachtmaster certificates must be renewed every 5 years, and for this you must be in the possession or justify the following aspects. Follow these steps to renew your Yachtmaster :


  1. Shipments of the last 5 years, dates and data of the companies you have been working with. At least 150 days of sailing should be justified.
  2. Medical Certificate from ISM (see how to do it in the next entry)
  3. Picture of your identity card
  4. Course ‘Professional Practices & Responsibilities (PPR)’. Its an online course from RYA which costs €50.
  5. Original title you want to renew.


**If you can not justify the required maritime service, but you can show that for at least half the five-year period you have worked on tasks closely associated with the management and operation of one or more appropriate types of ships, you can renew your certificate.**

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