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The best free apps and webpages for the weatherforecast at sea

The best free apps and webpages for the weatherforecast at sea:

  1. WINDFINDER – This application offers a prevision of directions and the intensity of the wind (media and gusts), the cloudiness, rainfall, temperature, both ingusts and on media and monthly statistics for all previous years. 2.PREDICT WIND – Samples different datas depending on the type of activity which is desired on the sea, including a tour tutorial for learning to use the page Online Weather Routing. It allows to find the most fast route through the wind. Tide and current using the 4 best weather models. Also, the forecast for the trip is optimized for satellite communications. Depature Planner – It allows to find the best day starting the journey taking into account the meteorological phenomena. Predict Wind also allows to visualize, the compartment of the local wind of the last 48 hours, in an animated form. One inconvenience of this page is, that some functions needs to be paid.3.WINDY TV – It is a quite complete page that offers a very detailed weather prevision by zones, and every 3 hours, the direction and intensity of the wind, direction, height and period of the swell, temperature, cloudiness and rain. It also allows to compare the parts between different satellites and observe the diagrams of the evolution of the air and other meteorological phenomena, as well as measuring distances and delays. The maps include wind forecast, waves, pressure, temperature, rainfall and cloudiness.  4.WEATHER ONLINE – This page offers a less detailed wind and wave forecast, but, in addition to the satellite view, it offers an instantaneous overview of the rain, making it more reliable.5.PASSAGE WEATHER – This pages gives a more general vision of the meteorological situation of the zone which is desired. You can select different charts depending on whether you are interested in a more local or a more general prediction, for example, the whole Mediterranean, central Mediterranean or the Catalan coast and Balearic Islands. The information is quite visual and is divided into three maps: One wind, another pressure and another wave.6.WINDGURU – This page gives a quite detailed information of the wind where the media and the gusts are indicated and, in addition, gives the option to click on the scene to visualize the wind at that moment located in the map. Also, it offers very detailed graphics, as well as maps, temperature, cloudiness and rainfall. 7.WINDY – The application “Windy”, in addition to offering everything that the others offer, has the characteristic of being able to observe the height and direction of the wave in a very graphical way and also the evolution of the tide (with time and height). Another of its characteristics is the representation of the direction and intensity of the wind, which is not shown with arrows on the map, but as you can see below.