STCW Courses


When we think of working at sea on board a ship, we usually first think of captains, officers, sailors, engineering personnel, etc., but for the complex mechanism of a ship to work perfectly, the ship needs other professionals such as kitchen and hotel staff, cleaning, security, maintenance and many others, and if the ship is a cruise ship or a ferry it will need even more additional staff from different professional sectors.


In addition to the tasks that are performed on a ship, among the different professional sectors we can find a long list of professions with which you can work at sea aboard different types of vessels.

Hostel and Tourism
Restaurant waiters, bartenders, cocktail bartenders, chefs, cooks, kitchen assistants, pastry chefs, bakers, etc.
Passenger Assistance
Customer service, yacht and cruise hostesses and hostesses, passenger control.
Passage control agents, security in general, security chiefs.
Sanitary Services
Nursing assistants, nursing, doctors, pediatrics.
Cabin attendants, cleaning staff in general for all sectors and equipment.
Spa/Fitness Staff
Monitors, personal trainers, sports nutritionists...
Assembly and disassembly of audiovisual material, sound technicians, photographers, etc.
Welders, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, ventilation and A/C technicians.
Animation teams, actresses and actors, cinema, theater, performances.
Organizer of events, excursions, activities on board.
Kindergarten, nursery assistant.


These and many other jobs are performed daily on the thousands of ships that sail the seas and oceans around the world and to be able to perform them it is necessary and mandatory to have the following certificates (classroom and online):

Formación Básica
STCW Basic Safety Training
STCW Basic Safety Training
The course trains the student in the knowledge necessary to organize and control safety and emergencies on board with the STCW95 Training Convention.
STCW Crowd & Crisis Management
STCW Crowd & Crisis Management
All personnel with passenger assistance functions in emergency situations on passenger ships, both conventional and ro-ro vessels...
Formación Básica
STCW Proficiency in Security Awareness
STCW Proficiency in Security Awareness
Training, instruction and rules of competence to become aware of maritime security aspects.


After completing the courses you will obtain your passport or personal maritime passport with which you will be able to carry out your profession on a ship.

Some examples of links to shipping companies with a constant and updated demand for employment. In addition to these companies there are many more, as well as yachts, fishing boats and other types of vessels in any country of the world.