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Yachtmaster Motor Sailing Conversion

If you have the Yachtmaster Sail and want to convert to Motor, you must pass a practical exam on a motor boat approved by the RYA.

Since July 2021, there is no longer a reduced version of the exam. Before this date, the Yachtmaster Conversion exam was 4 hours and now lasts 10-12 hours, just like the first Yachtmaster exam taken.

In the previous exam, the examiner asked mainly in the more differentiated sections that are taught in a motorboat, maneuvers, Passage Plan, radar, etc …

Now, the exam includes the entire Yachtmaster exam syllabus, both theoretical and practical.

The requirements that you need to have to be able to take the exam are that the miles of experience have been made in a boat with similar characteristics and during the 10 years prior to the exam.

Requirements for the Yachtmaster Coastal:

  • 400 miles
  • 12 days of life on board
  • 2 days as skipper
  • 12 hours at night.

Requirements for Yachtmaster Offshore:

  • 1250 miles
  • 25 days of life on board
  • 3 days as skipper
  • 3 crossings of more than 60 miles including one night.
  • Contact the nautical school for more information or consult the RYA website

Contact with us for more information or consult the RYA website

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