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Boat renting with skipper



T. Extra: 4.4500€/week + 1050€ Skipper (From 27/7 to 30/8)

High Season: 3.850€/week + 1050€ Skipper | 700€/day (from 20/6 to 26/7)

T. Average: 2.950€/week + 1050€ Skipper | 570€/day (the 1/4 to 21/6 and 28/9 to 30/10)

Low season: 2.250€/week + 1050€ Skipper |  470€/day (Rest of the year)

In the price of the full sailing boat is not included the price of the chef should you require this service (130€).

The price per person includes: boat renting with crew, auxiliary boat with outboard motor, bedding, a qualified skipper with professional qualification, insurance (boat and the occupants), registration for Regatta and VAT.

Not included (unless you have chosen the all-inclusive option): pot for food and beverages, fuel and final cleaning.

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