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10 reasons why you should do our Yacht Skipper course online

Todays post is dedicated to all of you. We tell you 10 reasons why you should do our Yacht Skipper course online.

  1. Flexible schedule. The virtual courses offer our users the possibility to learn and study 24 hours the day, allowing each person’s work to be compared with the study.
  2. Time saving. Avoiding to travel to the teaching center not only saves time, it is also economic.
  3. Study at your own rhythm. Being the only student you can study at your own rhythm. Dedicating as many hours as necessary to each section of the agenda.
  4. Without holding dates. The virtual aula will not close after a period time, you can access the notes until you have the confidence to take the exam.
  5. Economise with Yacht Point. The school offers the theoretical Yacht Skipper course online for free if you do the practices with us.
  6. If you have the PER, you can do the Yacht Skipper. The Subject of the Skipper is not much more complicated as the one of the PER. It does not include regulations and also not so many theoretical concepts, but incorporates more navigation practice syllabus.
  7. Subjects in detail. At the hour of preparing the onlince course the students condition has been taken into account, so that every little detail has been explained. Also, the practical parts include pictures and explications of each of the steps to be taken to solve the navigation exercises. Explanations have been made on the basis that the student does not know anything.
  8. Personal teacher. When you register for the Yacht Master course, you will automatically be assigend a personal tutor. The teacher will solve the  questions you have throughout the study, being able to controll your monitoring.
  9. Exams. Signing up for the course, you can have all the exam models so far.
  10. The students will end up aquiring the same skills as if they had attended a face-to-face course, but being able to organise themselves.

To continue, we leave some pictures of our exercises which we include in our Yacht Master virtual classroom.

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