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Updating of Maritime Titles and Certificates

In this weeks post we are going to talk about the Updating of Martime Titles and Certificates.

The world of marine is characterized by its complex and impressive nature. So working on boats, assumes a series of risks and responsibilities missing on land.  For this reason it is important to guarantee that the crew possesses adequate competences in every moment.

The approval of the amendment of Manila 2010 attributed expiry of professional maritime titles and of certificates of speciality. It is essential  to know the dates of invalidity  to be able to update them in time and  thus not having to reject jobs or redo courses completely.

To continue, we will explain to you when they expire and what to do to update them.


When do they expire?

Professional maritime degrees and certificates of speciality issued * before 2012 expired last December (December 2016). Those issued as of 2012, expire after 5 years from the time of their issuance.

* How do we know when we issue the title or certificate? We know it thanks to the date indicated in the bottom of the title.


How to renew them?

The titles and certificates should be revalidated seven months before its expiration. An update after the expiry date will oblige the holder to redo the entire course. The update, for its part, will consist of a reduced course.

Those crew members who had sailed minimum 1 to 3 months before the expiration date, will not have to do the updating course. They simply have to credit the shipments to Captaincy and pay the fee issued by the same entity.


Where to do the update?

You can update your professional maritime titles and certificates at our Yacht Point school, where we have been teaching for years. In the following link you will be able to see all the update courses that we offer next to the start dates:

So you know, you should not wait until the last minute to do the updates.

That irresponsibility would lead to lose a chance!