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Who are we?

Meet Our Team

Josep Barbal Badia

Master Mariner, Sails for Green Peace. When he disembarks, he dedicates himself to Professional Nautical Training, passing on to our students his experience of the seas around the world. Head of Studies of our professional training.

Jordi Mateu Llevadot

Merchant Mariner, Yachtmaster Offshore and Professor at the Nautical Faculty, Instructor of our professional STCW courses and a great fan of Patí Català and Head of Studies of our recreational training.

Pere Valera Taltavull

Merchant Mariner, Yachtmaster Instructor, and Examiner. Our Chief Instructor from our RYA department. Trained and sailed the world on the Swiss “Fleur de Passion”

Magda El Adak

Head of Administration and Finance. Responsible for issuing Professional Degrees and Certificates and our Accountant.

MªCarme Secanell Riu

Bachelor’s and Master’s in Law and Maritime Business. Responsible for the English RYA Degrees and director of the School.

Paula Alonso

Head of Management. Responsible for issuing Recreational Degrees and Certificates and our Community Manager.

César Villegas Lizandra

Merchant Mariner and Yachtmaster Offshore and 20 years of experience as an Instructor with a great passion for his students.

Jaume Estape

Professional Skipper on Recreational Yachts, theory, and practical Instructor, offers students the possibility of being part of his Navigation Club.

German Gamero

Professional Skipper on Recreational Yachts, regatta expert, combines training with yacht charters in the Mediterranean summer season.

Lucas Mengual

Yacht Captain and Bachelor of Medicine and our medic and expert trainer in Maritime Health.

Marc Mateu Llevadot

Professional Skipper on Recreational Yachts, Instructor and Diploma in Navigation, sails with his SUN FAST 320. He has participated in the “Transquadra Regatta”, among many others.

Peter Stockflet

Expert in Navigation and Astro-Navigation, he has published several Yacht Captain books and a magician with the Sextant.