Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Your contract is with Yacht Point, hereinafter referred to as YP. Telephone bookings will be held for three days. Your booking will be confirmed in writing on receipt of the fully completed form, along with a deposit of the 50% of the total cost. This deposit is non- refundable once the booking is accepted. Along with our confirmation, you will receive a balance of fee invoice and a copy of the course joining instructions. The balance of the fee must be paid at least one week prior to the commencement of the course. If the balance is not paid by the due date, YP reserves the right to cancel bookings and offer it for resale. No refund will be given, and the client will remain liable for the outstanding balance. Bookings made less than one week before the beginning of the course must be accompanied by the payment in full.

  1. Credit Card Bookings:

Credit card payments are processed in euros (€). YP does not except any responsibility for exchange rate fluctuations between the transaction date and the date that the transaction is processed by your credit card company.

  1. Cancellation by the Client:

Cancellations must be made in writing (emails are acceptable) to the Yacht Point office and it is deemed to take effect on receipt.

We will apply the following cancellation fees:

• More than 4 weeks before course – loss of 50% of course fee

• Less than 4 weeks before course – 100% of course fees

We offer between 20% and 50% discount for the next course, according to the money’s paid.

Yacht Point will deal with each case individually and offer alternative course dates at YP discretion with a 50€ administration fee.

If a client leaves the yacht or abandons a course before the scheduled termination of the course and for whatever reason, no refunds will be given nor will possible additional travel costs be reimbursed.

  1. Cancellation by Yacht Point:

If  YP has to cancel as a result of circumstances beyond its control, alternative dates will be offered or a full refund will be made. No liability will be accepted by YP if bad weather prevents the start of, or curtails a course. In the event of the yacht being unable to return  to her home port or any other agreed final destination on time, due to bad weather, engine breakdown or any other circumstances, clients may elect to stay with the yacht at no extra charge or make their own return arrangements at their own expense. Under no circumstances will refunds be given for unused flight tickets. If this not covered by your travel insurance, we strongly recommend that you purchase scheduled tickets.

  1. Damage or Loss:

The cost of making good any damage or loss of equipment resulting from the carelessness of the client or members of his party will be charged to the account of the client.

  1. Skipper-Instructor Authority:

Decisions made by the skipper or instructor are final in respect of the safety of the yacht and the well being of her crew; even to the extent of requiring, in exceptional circumstances, a client or a member of the group to leave the yacht. There will be no refund in such a case.

  1. Personal Insurance:

The yacht provide by YP is fully insured against accident, third party liability and personal injury due to negligence by YP. However, no liability is accepted by YP for personal accident or loss or damage to the property of the client. The client must therefore arrange for their own personal insurance, details of which must be shown on the booking form. Clients from EU must also bring the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) issued free by the National Health Service of your country. Note: This card does not cover private treatment or flights home.

  1. Seasickness:

All our yachts provide Biodramina. Please check that it is safe for yourself and all members of your group to take this anti-seasickness medications if advised. If in doubt, please consult your GP.

  1. Medical:

The client agrees to notify YP of any medical condition or illness suffered by themselves or any member of their group by signing a Health Declaration on the booking form. This need not necessarily prevent the student from taking full part in the course. However, if the client has any doubts about their fitness to take part in a practical course, then they are obliged to consult their GP.

  1. Smoking:

In the interest of comfort and safety, smoking is not permitted below deck or in the classroom.

10. Complaints procedure:

YP has an established complaints procedure which is to be used when needed. For any more details, contact us.

11. Data protection

Personal details will be required to be shared to the RYA for registration of certain certificates.