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Yacht Point Nautical School is a center authorized by the Royal Yachting Association to teach RYA qualifications in Barcelona, Spain.

The RYA (Royal Yachting Association) is a UK organization of international prestige that has the best RYA training standards in sailing and motor yachting.

All RYA courses will be taught in english.

Yacht Point

RYA Certificates will be useful if you are interested in:

    1. Obtaining an internationally recognized qualification in order to improve your CV.
    2. Learning to sail or improving your technique with the best nautical teaching method.
    3. Working on British and Commonwealth flagged vessels.

The Royal Yachting Association’s training is based on practical teaching with a maximum of five students per course, making sure the instructor dedicates the necessary time to each student.

When in the professional area, international recognition also comes from the fact that in order to work under a RYA license you will need to pass a practical exam with a qualified examiner on board.

Anyone wanting to improve their nautical english and become a more qualified skipper… should think about joining the RYA!

Let us introduce you to our team.

Theoretical Courses

The Essential Navigation online course will provide you with the nautical and basic vocabulary and knowledge in English, navigation, safety, voyage planning and basic seamanship concepts for inexperienced skippers and all those who want to refresh their knowledge in the nautical language by excellence.

This course is especially recommended for those who want to take our Competent Crew course.

The Day Skipper Theory Course is an introduction to cruising for the inexperienced skipper. This course provides you with sufficient knowledge to navigate familiar waters during the day. Basic knowledge of the lights to introduce you to night watches is also included.

Modality: Classroom or Online

This course is indicated for those students who wish to initiate themselves in the nautical world and want to obtain the Yachtmaster.

It includes Day Skipper and Yachtmaster theory.

There are two Yachtmaster levels:

  • Yachtmaster Coastal: you need a previous 800 miles and 30 days on board experience (Half of them on tidal waters).

  •  Yachtmaster Offshore: you need a previous 2500 miles and 50 days on board experience (Half of them on tidal waters).
This course will bring your theoretical knowledge up to the standard required for the practical exams, concentrating on advanced navigation and meteorology skills

A theoretical course all about the sextant and astronomy that qualifies the skipper without any limitation. At the end of the course there is a written exam.

The second part of the Ocean Yachtmaster Course is the elaboration of some voyage that’s more than 500 miles and an oral exam to evaluate the same voyage .

Prerequisites: To be in possession of the Yachtmaster Offshore and to have completed a voyage of more than 600 miles in ocean.

The Marine Radio SRC VHF online course is the minimum qualification required by law to control the operation of VHF and VHF Digital Selective Calling (DSC) equipment on any British flagged vessel voluntarily equipped with a radio.

This includes both fixed and portable equipment using international channels.

This course is also required to obtain your Yachtmaster Certificate.

The online PPR course is compulsory for all RYA holders with Commercial Endorsement.

Professional skippers with an RYA qualification can work on yachts and be legally paid for it. Applicants for a RYA Certificate of Competency must first pass the PPR course.

Practical Courses

The Powerboat Level 2 course is a two-day course that gives you the necessary skills and knowledge to run a powerboat, it’s the basic certificate in the International Certificate of Competence.

The course focuses on short distance low speed handling, man overboard manoeuvring and collision rules.

If you have never sailed a sailboat before, with the Start Yachting Course you will get an introduction to cruising sailing.

The goal of this course is to help you become more competent, efficient and safer on the water.

Introduction to sailing course, with international recognition.

Prerequisites: None, no experience is required. 

During the Competent Crew Course, you will be embarked for 5 days on a sailboat, learning the techniques of seamanship from the very start.

No previous theoretical course is necessary, but the online course Essential Navigation is recommended.

For aspiring skippers, with basic sailing experience.

It enables to sail in daytime trips in familiar waters.

The Day Skipper course is equivalent to the Recreational Boats Skipper qualification, but much more practical and in English.

Prerequisites: 5 days sailed, 100 miles and 4 night hours. Day Skipper Theory level.

Course for aspiring skippers with sailing experience that enables day and night coastal navigation.

The Coastal Skipper Course, needs a theory equivalent to the Yacht Skipper and 5 days of continuous evaluation on board.

Prerequisites: 15 days sailing, 2 days as skipper, 300 miles and 8 night hours.

The Yachtmaster Sail practical course consists of 5 days of practical training and 2 days of exams.

The Yachtmaster Sail certificate is obtained through a practical exam involving manoeuvres and various exercises that will serve to demonstrate your skill and confidence as a skipper.

The Yachtmaster Power practical course consists of 4 days of practical training and 2 days of exams.

The Yachtmaster Power certificate is obtained through a practical exam involving manoeuvres and various exercises that will serve to demonstrate your skill and confidence as a skipper.

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