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How to renew your Yachtmaster

All Yachtmaster certificates must be renewed every 5 years, and for this you must be in possession or justify the following aspects:

  • The shipments of the last 5 years, dates and data of the companies for which you have worked. At least 150 days navigated should be justified.
  • Medical Certificate (ENG1).
  • ID photo
  • Course ‘Professional Practices & Responsibilities (PPR)’. It is a RYA course that can be done online and is priced at € 50.
  • Original Certificate that you want to renew


** If you can’t justify the required maritime service, but you can show that, for at least half of the five-year period, you have worked on tasks closely associated with the management and operation of one or more appropriate types of boats, you can renew your certificate. **


Here you are the Revalidation Form. We can help you, any question contact us:


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