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About the RYA

About the RYA

What is the RYA? 

The Royal Yachting Association, also known as the RYA, is the UK body for sailing, yachting and motor yachts, all forms of yacht racing, RIBs and sports boats, windsurfing and jet skis and a leading representative for inland waterway cruising.

It works in partnership with governments and official organisations and is the competent body for issuing certificates to yachtsmen appointed by the UK government through the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA). 

What are the origins of the RYA?

It was founded in November 1875 under the name of the Yacht Racing Association (YRA).

It began as a sporting association, and grew over the decades. In 1953 it eventually adopted the name “Royal Yachting Association” (RYA) and is today the world’s leading organisation for the teaching of sailing and yachting.

The RYA has designed over 100 different courses for recreational and professional sailors of all levels to provide adequate knowledge of safety, rules and all aspects of sailing. RYA courses are delivered in over 46 countries with a network of over 2500 schools worldwide. 

Yacht Point as an RYA school

At Yacht Point we offer a wide range of RYA courses, both theoretical and practical, including:

  • Start Yachting
  • Power Boat Level II
  • Competent Crew
  • Day Skipper
  • Coastal Skipper
  • Yachtmaster Coastal and Offshore
  • Ocean Yachtmaster

In the following map you can find the previous experience required for each course and the attributions.

rya barcelona

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