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What is the Master 200 and how is it reached?

What is the Master 200 and how is it reached?

The Master 200 qualification is the following level after Yachtmaster (Offshore or Ocean). If you took the M200 (limited) as only a YM Offshore, it is a simple stamp to add the Ocean later and become a M200 (unlimited).

There are two options of the Master 200. The preparation for both is the same, depends on your experience and knowledge:

  • The Master 200 (limited) can operate up to 150NM from a safe haven

  • The full Master 200 (unlimited) qualification allows you to operate globally.

Important: some countries don’t recognise these certificates.


  • Outside the UK the Master 200 is more recognised than the Yachtmaster.

  • If you qualified to the Master 200 automatically you qualified as a watch officer (OOW) on yachts up to 500 tonnes.

  • Skippers who hold the Master 200 qualification are considered step above those with the Yachtmaster and are more employable.

  • Is a bridging between the MCA/RYA Yachtmaster courses and the MCA Deck Officer Courses.

Exam Pre-requisites:

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