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Power Boat Level 2 RYA

Power Boat Level 2 RYA

The RYA Powerboat courses are for those who sail in small power boats: semi-rigid, fishing boats and sports boats that normally sail close to the shore.

The types of commercial vessels, which mainly require a degree level are: rental boats for fishing, boats for adventure activities, port control boats, security boats for construction, etc.

If you want a larger boat with a cabin and the ability to navigate or work at a bigger distance from the coast. Then the most probably thing is that you need another level, like: Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper or Yachtmaster.


a) Previous experience: None, but may be preceded by the Powerboat Level

b) Previous knowledge: None, but the Essential Navigation online course is recommended.

c) Course syllabus: Driving a power boat, including the following actions; launching, mooring, anchoring and recovery. In addition to those driving skills necessary for basic competence in a power boat.

d) Skill after the course: Being able to self-sufficiently pilot a power boat under good weather conditions and know the limitations of oneself and the boat.

e) Course duration: 2 days.

f) Minimum age: 12 years, although commercial approval can’t be obtained without having reached the age of 17 beforehand.


If you need the Powerboat Level 2 for work you will need the commercial approval. In this way, it’s possible to work on commercial boats up to 24 meters in length, operating waters of category 6, that means, that it is to a maximum of 3 miles from the coast under good meteorological conditions and during the hours of the day.

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