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Am I ready for the Yachtmaster exam?

Am I ready for the Yachtmaster exam?

In order to obtain the most prestigious international nautical qualification worldwide, the Yachtmaster Offshore, you have to take into account a series of prerequisites for the theory course and practical preparation:

1- Have a minimum experience of 2.500 miles.
2- Level of Middle English.
3- Have a theoretical basis of Yacht Skipper: with this basis you will be ready to take the Theoretical Course of 40 hours.
4- Be in possession of a Radio and First Aid certificate.

For Radio, RYA offers an Online Course and supports any STCW95 course.

At Yacht Point, we advise students according to where they come from and where they live or work, which is the one that best suits them.

Once we have the prerequisites up-to-date, good preparation for the exam with an RYA-approved instructor is very important.

The theoretical course is not compulsory, but our experience of more than 10 years teaching RYA courses shows us that without completing the theoretical course no student is sufficiently prepared, nor the freshly graduated from the Faculty of Nautics!

The practical preparation it is compulsory, it is the instructor who endorses the student in front of the examiner, it is his responsibility to be well prepared and that is why it is mandatory.

No student is prepared to pass the Yachtmaster Offshore exam without RYA preparation, no matter how many miles they have. It is not a course to learn to navigate, all enrolled students know how to navigate, and a lot! , but the preparation, what it teaches them, is to be ready for a practical exam of two days, in which a RYA examiner will be asking theoretical questions and practical exercises following the course «Syllabus».

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