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Short outline of RYA degrees for cruise ships

Short outline of RYA degrees for cruise ships

There are many employers, professional or not, who when approaching RYA training need clarification on the functioning and possibilities of their scheme RYA qualifications. We’re going to make a simplifying effort.

The first clarification is that the Royal Yachting Association provides recreational courses. It is the MCA (English merchant marine) that certifies and enables you as a professional skipper. However, the MCA recognizes the RYA standards as its own and only wants to check the skipper’s skills on board before certifying him for professional activity.

Having said that, let’s look at the scheme of cruiser titles whether motor or sail. Recreational level:

Competent crew – sailor (skills: cabullería, use of moorings, maintain the course, hoist and fold sails…)
Day skipper – day trip pattern
Coastal skipper – skipper for multi-day coastal cruises

All these RYA courses consist of a five-day on-board course with no more than five students who will be evaluated continuously by the RYA instructor himself. A certificate of completion of a classroom theory course is not required. However, it will be important to demonstrate minimal theoretical background and familiarity with the British system. Therefore, it is highly recommended to conduct the theoretical course in the classroom.

For applicants for a commercial activity:

The MCA will produce several certificates with different ratings according to the experience and skill of the employer. Prior experience will be required to be able to take the test and STCW certificates of basic training and restricted radio operator in force. These are the Yachtmaster degrees.

Yachtmaster coastal. Required experience: -previous experience- 30 days at sea, 800 miles (half in tidal waters), 12 hours at night, 2 days as skipper. It enables you to: work professionally on boats up to 24 meters or 200 gt up to 20 miles from the coast.

Yachtmaster Offshore. Previous experience: 50 days at sea, 2500 (half in tidal waters), 5 days as skipper, 5 passages over 60 miles, minimum 2 nights sailing. Enables you to: work professionally on non-Spanish flags up to 24 meters or 200gt up to 150 miles from the coast

For these two degrees, a five-day (non-residential) exam preparation course and a two-day on-board exam will be held.

Yachtmaster Ocean. Experience required: possess the Yachtmaster Offshore qualification. Have completed the theoretical course of Yachtmaster Ocean.The theoretical examination will evaluate the knowledge of oceanic meteorology, astronomical positioning and the defense of unpassage planning of an ocean crossing of more than 600 nautical miles that has been made.

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