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Day Skipper Theory

Day Skipper Theory

In this article we will focus on the Day Skipper theory course.

This course serves as a basis for doing the YachtMaster Theory and serves as a preparation before doing the Day Skipper practice by sail or motor.


This course will introduce you to the work of charts, navigation, meteorology and the basic concepts of nautical for the competent crew. This course is perfect if you want to learn to start making decisions on board and most important, to learn nautical English!


It is a course that you can do online or face-to-face. We recommend doing it in person in our facilities, it is done in small groups and lasts 40 hours. The curriculum that is taught is crucial to be able to pass the two-day exam and obtain the certificate.


There is no requirement to do this course.


The topics of the course are:
– Fundamentals of nautical.
– Essential elements of coastal navigation and pilotage.
– Chartwork.
– Electronic charts.
– Mapping a course to direct.
– Weather forecast and meteorology.
– Tides and tidal currents.
– Collision regulations.
– Construction, parts and equipment of a cruise ship.
– Emergency and safety procedures, including distress calls, use of flares, etc.
– Harnesses, life jackets and life rafts.


At the end of this theory course you can do the practical course!

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