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What is the best nautical school?

What is the best nautical school?

This question has an easy answer: the nautical school that best trains students. For this we must be able to cover several aspects.

First, training must be practical and pragmatic, that is, it must be really useful for us. That covers the real needs of the student, either as professional skippers or as recreational skippers or clients of a charter company. We must know how to handle ourselves safely, control the maneuver, know the emergency protocols. And that can only be achieved through drills and exercises on board.

Another fundamental aspect will be the efficiency of teaching. There must be a method and experience on the part of the instructor. Someone has had to “teach you to teach” previously. We all know someone who surfs very well but is a lousy teacher, one thing does not imply the other. The instructor must have previous experience in what he teaches. Many times we can find very young instructors, who are still in the process of perfecting what they intend to teach. I wish them good luck, we’ve all started at some point, but in my opinion it should be supervised by more knowledgeable employers. On the other hand, instructors must go through regular updates and must have a spirit of continuous improvement. You never just form. In this profession, like many others, you must not stop reading, practicing, asking questions. Instructorshave to love their work.

And if all this is not difficult to find in itself, we must ensure that the number of students is not excessive. We must ensure small groups so that the instructor is able to transmit her knowledge in an adequate and orderly manner. Everything that is not progressive learning will be instability for the student, and with this we minimize the chances of success. In addition to the obvious fact that not all students learn the same, which leads us to the instructor being able to master different teaching techniques. An instructor is not someone who knows how to navigate very well, he is someone who in addition to that must teach very well.

Where to find such a school? Easy, find your nearest RYA training center and enjoy….

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