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Do I need to do an invigilated RYA theory exam?

The RYA online courses do not have an invigilated exam, it is included with the Shorebased course we organise in our centre. The invigilated exam is not compulsory, but there are a few exceptions that we are going to explain: INVIGILATION FOR DAY SKIPPER THEORYThe RYA Day Skipper Shorebased course has 2 assessment papers.The invigilated exam is […]

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Day Skipper Theory

In this article we will focus on the Day Skipper theory course. This course serves as a basis for doing the YachtMaster Theory and serves as a preparation before doing the Day Skipper practice by sail or motor. Goal: This course will introduce you to the work of charts, navigation, meteorology and the basic concepts […]

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Short outline of RYA degrees for cruise ships

There are many employers, professional or not, who when approaching RYA training need clarification on the functioning and possibilities of their scheme RYA qualifications. We’re going to make a simplifying effort. The first clarification is that the Royal Yachting Association provides recreational courses. It is the MCA (English merchant marine) that certifies and enables you […]

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Am I ready for the Yachtmaster exam?

In order to obtain the most prestigious international nautical qualification worldwide, the Yachtmaster Offshore, you have to take into account a series of prerequisites for the theory course and practical preparation: 1- Have a minimum experience of 2.500 miles.2- Level of Middle English.3- Have a theoretical basis of Yacht Skipper: with this basis you will […]

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Day Skipper

We will explain what the Day Skipper course consists of and why we recommend it to everyone who has started in the world of Nautical. The English rating of the Royal Yacht Association (RYA) of Day Skipper, is what would be an equivalent to the PER. Prerequisites: 5 days of experience prior to the course.A […]

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Nautical Training Online

English is the main and most important language in the nautical world. Whether we are sailing in national or international waters, we may encounter foreign flag vessels with which we will have to communicate. It is for this reason that we recommend always obtaining an extra nautical training in English. RYA courses are highly prestigious, […]

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Power Boat Level 2- RYA

The RYA Powerboat courses are for those who sail in small power boats: semi-rigid, fishing boats and sports boats that normally sail close to the shore. The types of commercial vessels, which mainly require a degree level are: rental boats for fishing, boats for adventure activities, port control boats, security boats for construction, etc. If […]

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What is the ICC?

The ICC (International Certificate for Operators of Pleasure Craft) is a certificate which provides an evidence of competence in foreign countries. The Resolution 40, issued under the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), details how and to whom the ICC may be issued. The ICC’s validity is determinate by the visited country, so it […]

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