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Do you know the theory necessary for the Yachtmaster?

Do you know the theory necessary for the Yachtmaster?

Although the Yachtmaster test is an eminently practical test, this does not imply that it can be tackled without knowing the basic theory of navigation. The level of theoretical knowledge that is presupposed to any Yachtmaster (both coastal and offshore) means that, among other topics, the candidate must know:

  • Nautical meteorology. Without being an expert in the subject, it is essential to have basic knowledge of how the meteorological phenomena that most affect navigation are produced, analyzed and communicated.
  • Tides and currents. As England is a coast very affected by the tides, the agenda is more complete than in the Spanish certifications. Not only will we have to be able to calculate the height of the tide at a given time and place, but also know how to take advantage of the currents generated by these tides (tidal streams) in our navigation and plan this accordingly. Having clear concepts such as springs, neaps, tidal curve, etc … will be essential. The correct use of the “Almanac” will be fundamental.
  • Letter work. The candidate to obtain a title of Yachtmaster is presupposed a certain dexterity with the letter work. Find our position by various methods, trace directions, calculate drifts, etc.

The knowledge listed above will be translated in a practical way in the so-called «Passage plan», an exercise that the examiner imposes on the candidates in which it is a question of planning a journey over the letter, observing all the aspects that must be taken into account in real life.

All these topics are worked both in the face-to-face courses that we teach in the academy, and in the Theoretical course of Yachmaster Online.

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